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Meet Sammy

This piece was rejected by a client of mine so I thought I would post it here.

Meet Sammy.  Sammy does not follow the rules, instead he creates his own rules.  When instructed what to do by others who refuse to acknowledge his individuality, Sammy ignores them. 

Sammy takes his own sweet time doing everything he ever does, and he does it the way only he can.  The allure of wealth and fame do not temp Sammy into being someone he is not because Sammy knows that the truly important things in life cannot be measured by someone else’s standard of success. 

Sammy creates his own standards and if anyone attempts to force their version of normal on him, he will snap your head off.  Do not mess with Sammy.  Sammy does not fool around.  He means business. 

Deliberate and mindful, Sammy appreciates the journey for the journey’s sake, savoring every delectable moment that his long-lasting life has to offer. 

He commits every action he takes with deep intent, rather than quick, fickle reaction.  Maybe that’s why he lives so long. 

He competes with no one because no one else is worthy of his effort and in doing so, Sammy gets and does exactly what he wants.

No, Sammy pays attention to no one else.  He steadily stays the course, always focused on his individual goals that no one else can match.  Who would even attempt to try?  Sammy’s goals are as unique as he is.  He stands on an untouchable path, solely his own.

Like Sammy, his friend, Colin refuses to play by the rules set by a divisive culture.

Like Sammy, Colin rejects competition with unworthy competitors for superficial trinkets when more important dilemmas exist.

Like Sammy, Colin acts deliberately, confident about every move he makes.

And, like Sammy, Colin will not allow anyone else to tell him what to do or convince him to be someone he is not.

Colin Kaepernick has a pet tortoise named Sammy.  What spark can Sammy ignite in you?

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